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RGF Project Swift

Customization of complex tasks, our Project Swift team presents creativity and skills, offering integrated solutions for heavy or oversized cargoes.
Regardless of distance, we are able to bridge continents with in-depth knowledge, precise planning and unique solutions, catering solutions for every individual requirements.

Our specialty covers:

1.On-site surveys by experienced Project Logistics Team

2.Customization of shipping concepts

3.Providing the appropriate equipments for heavy lift & oversize cargoes

4.Invigilating ground handling & ensuring cargo safety

5.Careful selection of quality carriers

6.Compliance with the guidelines of each exporting country

7.Vigilant monitoring of shipments till arrival

Conventional cargoes

Whilst containerization has developed ocean freight around the world over the past eras, conventional vessels with loading bays and stowage areas are still very much in demand.

Conventional Shipping is used mainly for bulk cargoes, such as grains, oil, sand, yacht or trucks. Most common uses for conventional vessels include the shipping of goods that cannot be loaded in a container, owing to their weight or dimensions or volumes of all sorts.

The logistics of infrastructure and projects often involves shipment of goods on conventional vessels. The project experts in Richwell can provide you with the right solution for your shipment, size or weight no longer matters, we offer the solutions to the sort of vessels to utilise.

Out of Gauge cargoes (OOG)
There is a considerable amount of cargo which does not fit into a normal container box due to its weight or dimensions. Such items have to be loaded loose into special containers or onto special equipment such as Flat Racks or Open Top Containers.

Richwell is your ideal partner for providing special arrangements, permits, transport and packing solutions for this type of cargo. We can pick up such goods at your requested locations, load the cargo at many ports throughout the world onto Break-Bulk vessels or special equipment and provide you with smooth delivery and any services which are required.

For the loading and unloading of your Heavy Lift and OOG cargo, we are fully prepared to provide all necessary equipment such as cranes, forklifts and lashing belts as and when its duly required.

Arrangement of personalised end to end services to conventions, trade shows and other special events. Richwell is able to arrange specialised transportation and customs clearance services for time-sensitive materials right up to the assigned halls, ensuring smooth handovers to the trade organisers before the commencement of a show, providing ample time for exhibitors to set up their booths before the pre-start-up date.