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RGF ChemiSpec


The safety of many depends on the strength of the supply chain. Dangerous Goods surrounds us every day, everywhere. In Richwell, ChemiSpec promises you that the handling & transportation of your Dangerous Goods are in safe hands. Our professional DG safety advisors adopt prudent decisions in handling your cargoes in accordance to the prevailing DG transportation regulations. The safety & reputation of your business is our priority.


What counts as dangerous? Besides the common cargoes such as chemicals, any item or substance, if not handled properly, could harm you, the driver, recipient, other shipments and/or the environment will be classified as Hazardous.


No prior proper packaging before flying? Not to worry ! In Richwell, we can arrange cargo collection from your premises and replace with United Nations (UN) packaging and labelling if needed in accordance to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations to ensure that cargoes are transported to the requested destinations in a timely and safe manner.


Sea transportation is one of the most economical ways to ship dangerous goods. Richwell assist customer to make proper Dangerous Goods Declarations and Documentations complying with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. We also provide guidance of proper segregation of different dangerous goods on board a ship according their UN and IMO classes.


7 Steps to Compliance

Step 1 - Classification & Identification

Step 2 - Packaging

Step 3 - Marking & Labeling

Step 4 - Documentation

Step 5 - Placarding

Step 6 - Loading

Step 7 – Reporting

3. Land

Richwell provides specialised trucking of chemical cargoes that falls under SCDF, PCD and NEA control locally and within Jurong Island.